The Affordability of Structural Steel

Structural steel provides a variety of solutions for businesses looking to expand or simplify a workflow issue – among other things. Which is why, at Absolute Fabrication, we wanted to help our reading audience in ‘Understanding the Affordability of Structural Steel’.

The Benefits of Steel Over Reinforced Concrete

Steel frame construction not only delivers on cost savings, but also sustainability and the flexibility of structural layouts, making choosing a steel framed building over reinforced concrete or traditional wood, an excellent alternative for more than just one reason.

In fact, reports show that structural steel can reduce the cost of building by up to 5-15%, in addition to a quick turnaround time under a controlled and uninterrupted environment.

The Advantages of Offsite Prefabrication

Because structural steel has the advantage of being built offsite, it improves upon production time and predictability, allowing for a precise start-to-finish timeframe, as well as the ability to erect your finish product easily once the prefabrication is complete.

Steel Strength Stands Up

Steel offers excellent strength benefits as the use of space is optimal, offering beams and columns with small profile areas, maximizing on internal space accordingly.

Steel Design is Second to None

From large openings to rollaway doors, endless windows to retractable walls, structural steel can deliver upon many design options, as well as built-in enhanced fire protection based on the material itself.

The Advantage of Computerized Steel Structure Models

Being able to see your structure completed before the fabrication even begins is an excellent way to be able to tackle any changes ahead of time. In addition, pre-engineered steel buildings allow for manufacturing techniques that accommodate changes as you go.

Because steel fabrication involves a computerized design and manufacturing models that are directly linked to the CNC machines, the accuracy is impeccable, and the end-result precise.

With cost predictability, flexibility, unparalleled design opportunities and cost-effectiveness, constructing your next business structure out of steel simply makes sense!

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