Understanding the Finished Product of Steel

A lot of times people consider steel to be one shade of metallic grey. But the truth is, is that the finished product of steel can be vast and varied, from the overall esthetics, look and feel, to the durability and resistance created into the finish.

Reasons for Metal Finishing

Metal finishing is part of the process of treating the exterior of a metal construct or decorative piece, which involves applying a thin layer of “finish” to the metal itself. This aids in areas such as:

  • Durability and Tarnish Resistance
  • Overall Esthetic Appeal
  • Conductivity
  • Chemical and Electrical Resistance

The Process of Metal Plating

Metal plating involves a chemical bath to alter the surface of the metal. Much like the metal finishing, metal plating helps with durability, surface friction, resistance to corrosion, as well as adds to the overall esthetic appeal.

Understanding Brushed Metal and Buff Polishing

Brushed metal helps to remove any surface defects or imperfections to the metal itself, giving it an even grain and somewhat of a dull finish. Whereas buff polishing will result in a high gloss, non-textured finish, leaving it smooth to the touch.

The End-Result of Sand Blasting

Sand blasting is also a popular method to treat steel, which creates an even matte texture, and is often used on soft metals to create this specific finish.

Varied Results of Powder Coating

Powder coating is often used to give metal a decorative finish, much like you would use paint on wood, but with a much more increased durability when it comes to steel. The end result is varied, and delivers everything from a glossy coat, to a matte finish, to a texturized end product.

Choosing your metal finish will involve different factors that you will want to discuss with your fabrication company, and include such things as: cost, speed, metal strength and durability – among other things.

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