The Cold Hard Facts About Our Steel Fabrication Shop in Langley

Steel fabrication is not a very well known business type for most, which is why we want to share “The Cold Hard Facts About Our Steel Fabrication Shop in Langley”, and help you better understand what we do, how we do it and what type of finishes and results you can expect from our company.

High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting

First off, we always want to inform potential customers that Absolute Fabrication is a family run and owned business. As such we have been versed in all things “steel fabrication” from a young age, and have turned a family company into our own personal passion.

As with any industry, time can change processes and improved methods of creating an end product, both to the benefit of business owners, as well as for those looking to hire a business that can make solutions more simple, streamlined, affordable and exact.

Which is where CNC Plasma Cutting comes in – equipped with high-tech software that produces an impeccable cut that exceeds other forms of steel fabrication cutting systems, offering our clients a precision cut, which can be delivered within the time we agree upon, and within the budget laid out for the projects.

Our local steel fabrication service in Langley offers CNC Plasma Cutting that utilizes an 8’ x 20’ High Definition CNC Plasma Table within ¾” plate precision, offering accuracy perfection within each of our projects – no matter if it is for personal use or a professional means.

Steel Fabrication Materials

As mentioned in our ‘Your Finished Steel Fabrication Project’ blog, we offer a variety of steel fabrication finishes at our Langley location, including:

  • Hot Blackening
  • Metal Grinding
  • Metal Vibratory Finishing
  • Two-Part Epoxy
  • Anodizing
  • Galvanizing
  • Sand Blasting
  • Metal Plating
  • Brushed Metal
  • Powder Coating

Steel Fabrication Welding Service

In addition to skill, training, advanced technology and unparalleled finishes, Absolute Fabrication also offers Fabrication and Welding Services in Langley, in order to help our clients get their project up and running as soon as possible.

Curious to know more? Call us at 604-888-8842 or fill in our contact page form by clicking here. We look forward to turning your ideas into a reality and helping your business grow through steel fabrication solutions!