Understanding the Technical Terms of Steel Fabrication

At Absolute Fabrication in Langley, we understand that the technical side of steel fabrication can get confusing. So we wanted to help our reading audience better understand some of the terminology and techniques used, ensuring you are able to make informed decisions for your steel business solution or personal decorative options!

Metal Fabrication is defined as: “the creation of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. It is a value-added process involving the creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials.”

Metal Fabrication Materials can include anything from: aluminium, stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, copper, bronze, brass – and more, depending on the look, use and end-result desires of your steel fabrication project.

There is over 3,500 unique grades of steel, and hiring a company who is knowledgeable in how to implement various raw materials into their project is imperative to your end-result, which our steel fabrication shop in Langley is here to help with!

Steel Fabrication and CNC Machining

As explained in our ‘Understanding CNC Machining’ post; CNC Machining is a process of bending and cutting steel, providing various steel finishes as the customer sees fit. Whether utilizing our diamond drag engraving for ultimate precision detail, or request custom cutting of magnetic sheet material, or wish to go a step further with 3-dimensional sign carving or reverse engraving – our CNC Machining at Absolute Fabrication will customize your project tailored to your needs, specifications, budget and overall look.

Through our high-tech software we are able to offer High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting, which is run by trained fabrication technicians to create a precision product.

Our High Definition CNC Plasma Cutting equipment uses an 8’ x 20’ High Definition CNC Plasma Table, which cuts from gauge material to within a ¾” plate precision. This gives it a hairline away from a perfect accuracy score, offering precision and timeliness all-in-one.

At Absolute Fabrication, our in-house drafting and design team provides our customers with the many benefits of AutoCAD and SolidWorks skills, along with a vast number of years’ experience in order to complete your project to perfection.

Whether your steel fabrication project is just in the idea phase, or you have a solid plan you would like us to help you produce, we would love to offer our local steel fabrication services in Langley and look forward to doing so!